Calocurb Amarasate Appetite Control
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  • Clinically studied: Calocurb has been shown to help reduce appetite by 80% and decrease calorie intake by 18%.*

Pharmacy-Grade Nutraceuticals by Evexias
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  • A carefully curated collection of vital vitamins and minerals that complement a healthy diet and active lifestyle:
    ADK, ADK10, Active Probiotic ND, Amino Ultra, B-Complex, BPC-157 LipoTab, EHS-BPC-157-v4, Berberine Ultra, Cognitive Ultra w/ Relora, Complete Mag, Curcumin Support, DIM 150 (120), DIM 150 (60), EVEXIAS Sleep, EvexiPEL COMPLETE, GI Guard, HRT-Complete E, HRT-Complete T, Inflam-X LPT, Iodine Complete, Iron Bis-Glycinate, L-Theanine Support, Methyl Support, Multi-Mineral D3 Ultra, Multivitamin Ultra, NAC 500, Omega Plus, Prenatal Ultra, SPM Complex, Synapsin LipoTab, Thyroid Support, Vita C 500.

ProLon 5-Day Metabolic Reset Fasting Nutrition Program
(Practitioner Pricing)

  • Every day we stress and intoxicate our bodies and mind with our current lifestyle, nutrition, and environment. As we age, our cellular capability to detox, recover and heal decreases, and older senescent cells outnumber young, vibrant cells.
  • Prolon is designed and clinically tested by 14 global universities to nourish your body with premium quality plant-based food while inducing the cellular, metabolic, and emotional benefits of prolonged fasting. Including going into a state of cellular clean-up to rejuvenate older cells, called Autophagy. This 5-day fasting mimicking program will guide you toward cellular rejuvenation and healthy aging.

L-Nutra Health Programs
Reversing Diabetes Through Nutrition
(Pracitioner Pricing)

  • Improve Metabolic Health, Reverse Type 2 Diabetes and Lose Weight Sustainably by using food as a medicine instead of with medications.

BodyHealth - Perfect Amino

  • Only one protein source provides the exact ratio of essential amino acids needed by the human body to synthesize new protein and collagen without excess amino acids: PerfectAmino.
  • Its proprietary amino acid profile is composed of essential amino acids in a ratio that is 99% utilized by the body to synthesize new protein.
  • With less than 1% excess amino acids to be deaminated, it provides only .04 calories for every five grams consumed.

Auro Wellness - Topical Glutathione

  • Glutathione (GSH), commonly known as the Master Antioxidant, is a naturally existing tri-peptide amino acid, ranking as the second most prevalent molecule in the body—only surpassed by water! Essential for overall well-being, Glutathione plays a crucial role in promoting cellular health and serves as the primary defense mechanism against free radicals, effectively eliminating toxins from the body. The level of Glutathione in your system significantly impacts immunity, detoxification, energy levels, aging, and your capacity to protect against diseases.
  • Auro Wellness Glutathione Spray is the best because of its multi-patented sub-nano technology which allows glutathione to be delivered efficiently and effectively. A recent study published in the Journal of Antioxidants shows the significance in absorption of the topical Glutathione – Cyclodextrin complex. When looking at oral, liposomal and even IV data from studies done separately, you can compare to see other products get broken down and do not last in the body for very long.

Hair Restoration - Prescription Strength Topical Foam

  • We understand the impact that hair loss can have on both men and women, which is why we offer personalized options for regrowth and restoration.
    Whether you're just beginning to see the signs of hair loss or are now ready to address areas that need regrowth, we have programs available to help you take the first step toward regaining your confidence and achieving your goals.

Strive Peptide Supplements

Healthy Chocolate Supplements

  • Fx Chocolate® contains zero grams of sugar and is sweetened with allulose, a sweetening agent that is found naturally in jackfruit, figs, and raisins, with no bitterness or unpleasant aftertaste. The chocolate delivery system is a novel and convenient way to receive the benefits of bioactive ingredients found in nutrients and herbs, especially for individuals who are unable to swallow capsules or softgels, or for those who wish to reduce pill-fatigue.

Ulta Lab Tests

  • We can order labs for you, but if you are curious outside of our tests, you can order your own labs.
    • Save Up to 90% on Over 2,100 Quest Lab Tests
    • No Doctor Needed: Easy, direct access to testing
    • Results in 1-2 Business Days (for most tests)

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