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Currently the top 10 problems in the US include:

  1. Heart Disease: Heart disease remains the leading cause of death, accounting for a significant number of deaths each year due to conditions like coronary artery disease, heart attacks, and heart failure.
  2. Cancer: Cancer is the second leading cause of death, with lung, colorectal, breast, and prostate cancers being the most common types leading to fatalities.
  3. Unintentional Injuries: This category includes deaths from car accidents, falls, drowning, and poisoning, including drug overdoses, particularly from opioids.
  4. Chronic Lower Respiratory Diseases: Diseases such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), emphysema, and chronic bronchitis fall into this category.
  5. Stroke (Cerebrovascular Diseases): Strokes, which occur when the blood supply to part of the brain is interrupted or reduced, leading to brain tissue damage, are a major cause of death.
  6. Alzheimer’s Disease: Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias are significant causes of death, particularly in the elderly population.
  7. Diabetes: Diabetes mellitus, particularly type 2 diabetes, is a major cause of death and contributes to other health complications that can be fatal.
  8. Chronic Liver Disease and Cirrhosis: This category includes liver diseases such as hepatitis, fatty liver disease, and cirrhosis, often linked to alcohol use and viral hepatitis infections.
  9. Kidney Disease: Chronic kidney disease, which can lead to kidney failure, is a significant cause of death, especially among those with diabetes and hypertension.
  10. Influenza and Pneumonia: These respiratory infections are especially deadly for the elderly, young children, and individuals with compromised immune systems.

We know that these health problems reflect the impact of both chronic and acute conditions, including getting and having access to a healthy diet and physical activity daily, or lack thereof. We also know that a variety of approaches are needed to address these problems, including medical treatment, lifestyle changes, public health initiatives, and research. We genuinely want to be part of the solution to decrease these health problems in the world.

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